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Angličtina - 23. Culture life

Culture life in our town is not so rich as in large cities. In spite of that, there are some ways of spending leisure time. We can go to the cinema, to the theater, dancing or we can stay at home and listen to the radio, watch television and read books.
There is 3 cinemas in our town. It is interesting, that they are in one building. We have cinema Maxi, Midi and Mini. In Maxi we can see classic films form USA, which make a lot of money in world. In Mini we can see opposite special films for special viewers. On Sundays there are special films for children. The repertory of cinema is not specialized, the films do not have long run and they change every four days. I like cinema, because I like big cinema screen and atmosphere of the cinema, but I have one big problem - I haven't go so much money, how much would I want. Today cinema has one problem too - it bring us only American films. I know, sometimes we see Czech film, but American films are in majority.
So, next place of culture is theater. We have two theaters in our town. Our classic big theater in center of town and Divadlo Rozmanitosti. Theater in center is interesting building - it is built in modern style - it has black big windows and it looks like very modern. It won Architectural exhibition in Paris before 15 years. I like theater, because I like live contact with actors. (and they are better seat then in cinema). I think, it's interesting, that prizes of ticket in cinema and theater are very similar - sometimes is cinema even more expensive. Our theater often gets plays from famous authors, of which we learn in school. So, If I don't read some book, I go to theater and buy tickets for performance, which is inspirited of that book. I prefer theater than classic book. Next out theater is Divadlo Rozmanitosti. It is smaller theater for experimental performances.
If we prefer home culture, we can use our magic boxes - television and radio. I think, it is better, if we go between people. There are situation, in which we can't go to cinema - for example if we are ill. Then we take book from favorite author and begin read. I speak about books - so in our cinema is regional library. When I was younger I visit this building monthly. I like reading and I like many favorite authors. So, our library is situated near our railway station. It is big building with three stairs. In first stair is situated youth club Mir. In next two stair is library. During study we must make many works - for example from history. If I got this work, I went to library and borrow books about needed theme. I like computer magazines, but I haven't got money for buy them, so I go to library and there I can read them free. It is very good.