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Angličtina - 21. Holidays and festivals

During year we celebrate many feats. These feats are different in varius countires. So, first I will speak about feasts in Britain. On January 1st people in Great Britain celebrate New Year's day. On February 14th is Valentine's day. It's lovers day. On this day young people send Valentine cards to a person of opposite sex. They cards are funny and have contents such as "I'll be your sweetheart and Be your Valentine".On April 1st is All fool's day. This day people make respectively some jokes. On Aprilis Easter. It is spring feast of Christian Church. Good Friday commemorates Jesus's crucifixion while Easter Sunday commerorates the Rusurrection of Jesus. This feast is celebrated on Easter Sunday in Britain. In 23rd April is celebrated St. Georges Day. St. George is the saint patron of England.Second Sunday on May is Mother's day.This day are honoured all mothers. Very famous feast Halloween is celebrated on 31st October. This day the Old celts celebrated the end of autumn and the beginning of winter. In Britain is celebrated now only in the North of England and in Scotland, but it is generally celebrated in USA and Canada.Children celebrated it by dressing up in Halloween costumes with masks over their faces. Carrying baskets or bags they go to their friends and they knock at the door. When people come to the door, children say "Trick or treat" which means "Give us a treat or we will play a trick on you". The people treat the children with sweets, fruit or money. The most common trick is soaping the windows of houses and cars. On 11st November is Remeber Day. This day people honour two minutes of silence in London soldiers killed in the two world Wars. I think, the most famous feast of the year are Christmas. This feast is connected with birth of Jesus in Jerusalem. In honour of it we celebrate christmas as day of well-being and peace in the world. In Britain on Eve of this day children hang up Christmas stocking at he end of their beds and believe that Santa Claus fills them their stockings with presents and toys. But the most festive day of Christmas is 25th December. Dinner of this day consist of turkey and roast potatoes, Desert is special pudding make of eggs, sweets na so on. In the pudding are hidden coins too. 26th December is called Boxing Day from the the custom in earlier times of giving postmen, milkmen, dustmen or nwespaperboys smalls sums of money, which they collected in theit Christmas boxes. On 31st December English people stay up till midnight to see the old year out and dring a toast to the new year.
In United states people celebrate parallel feasts like in Great Britain. From the others I can name The president's day on 3rd Monday in Februaro or Day of Independence on 4th July. Each city has it own ceremony and parades, band concerts and firework displays in the evening. This day commemorates the signing of Declaration of Independence in 1776. On 12nd October is celebrated Columbus day. The special americans feast is Thanksgiving celebrated on 4th Thursday in November. This feast was celebrated first in 1621 by the Pilgrim settlers of Plymouth colony on their first harvest. It is celebrated by a traditional dinner whose main course is roast turkey.